Welcome to Rolling Thunder Wrestling! We want to welcome you!! We are going to start our year off with a bowling and pizza party for our Rolling Thunder families. Please come and socialize with other parents and the kids will have some time to get to know other wrestlers. The date and time is: December 10th, 3:30pm – 6:30 at Concordia Lanes .

Practices: Practices are held every Monday and Thursday from 5:45-6:45pm for Pre-K – 1st and 6:45 to 8:00pm for 2rd – 6th. We ask that parents that are not helping with practice wait outside the practice room. Our practices are held at New Ulm High School on Mondays and New Ulm Middle School on Thursdays. When there is an event at the High School, we need to move practice to the middle school. PLEASE watch the calendar for practice location. In addition, when there is a home high school meet we will move a practice so the young kids can attend. Rolling Thunder pays for all of its wrestlers to get into the high school meets (please wear your Rolling Thunder shirt to get in free). Website\ Calendar: You will receive a season calendar at registration. However for up to date changes please watch www.rollingthunderwrestling.com . There is a calendar that we try to keep up to date with all that is happening with the program. We also post weekly updates and important dates and reminders on the site. Fundraising: We will be selling candy bars. You will pay for the candy upfront and cannot return partial boxes of candy. We will have them out before the holidays so hopefully they are an easy sell.

Volunteer Hours: You must have 10 hours of volunteer time for us not to cash your $100 check at the end of the season. Three of those hours must be for our home tournament that will be on Sunday, March 4th . Please put this date on your calendars now as we need as many volunteers as possible to make this tournament happen. The remaining seven hours can be filled by the following options: ● Coaching: You can choose to help out at practice by coaching. This does not count if you are only coaching your own child, you must be helping all the kids on the mat that evening. No wrestling knowledge needed. ● Bingo: You can sign up for bingo hours. You get three hours per bingo. To sign up to work you can go on our website. If you choose to go and play Bingo, you will receive ONE hour for playing. Please see one of the individuals running Bingo that day to record your hour. Tournaments: Look for emails for information regarding tournaments a large number of wrestlers will be going to. We encourage everyone to come with! The kids really have a blast cheering for each other. You can also look on the website: The Guillotine and look up the Open Tournament Calendar and you will be able to view tournaments happening all over the state of Minnesota each weekend. New for this year, we are starting a voucher program so parents can be reimbursed for wrestlers entrance fee to tournaments. State Tournament: There are qualifiers listed on The Guillotine. If you plan on qualifying your child for state, you will need a USA card. Please see a coach if you have never had experience with this and need some help. Thank you and have a great year with your wrestler! If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact Tony Ruch at (507)-276-5081 or email tonyandkaylaruch@gmail.com .